Use of Waste and Derivatives Of Coffee

Did you know?

In the process of cultivation and post-harvest of coffee, only 5% of the weight of the fresh fruit is used in the preparation of the beverage and the remaining 95% is represented by organic waste that, when not used correctly, generates a negative impact on the environment. Specifically in water, air, flora and fauna.

The 1835 COFFEE LAB team constantly researches and develops the use of the sub products generated during the production and industrialization of coffee as well as the reuse of its own waste. As part of the commitment to the environment and the protection of the environment, we are reusing a large part of these elements in the preparation of innovative coffee-based beverages, such as our exquisite tea of ​​shell, Long island shell tea, among others.

Thanks to this initiative, we demonstrated the active participation of Santa Cruz Island coffee farmers in the use and transformation of these residues in new products, generating an added value to the coffee industry and all the actors involved, getting closer and closer to the dream of a SUSTAINABLE COFFEE

Come and try our amazing and refreshing Cascara Tea and our coffee-based Cocktails.


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