The Route Of Galapagos Coffee 2019

Since the birth of our company in 2017 our most fervent goal has been to reach people with a different tourism offer than those currently existing in the enchanted islands, “Galapagos”, that is why using all our acquired knowledge In different trips and living day to day with the local producers of the island, we put all our effort into mapping and developing the CAFÉ DE GALAPAGOS ROUTE.

This initiative seeks to launch an experiential experience in the tourism market that encompasses all the coffee culture from sowing to the final product, which is why, joining forces between 1835 COFFEE LAB, public entities and local coffee growers, we have managed to carry out a study feasibility in which the creation of a new tourist attraction that allows visitors to get involved in the complete process to obtain the raw material used in the preparation of the second most consumed beverage worldwide.

The project will start in July of this year and will integrate coffee growers, tour operators and food and beverage companies, who will provide the necessary tools to understand the importance of the Galapagos Coffee and why it is classified as one of the most exotic coffees in the world. .

We invite you to be part of the COFFEE EVOLUTION !!!!!!!!!!!

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