The Little Attendance Fauna of Galapagos

In 1835 COFFEE LAB believe in a culture of business development linked to the main pillars that govern a company or triple impact corporation understood as an economic value; social look and environmental impact.

Based on this, our “Social Program” initiative was born, which is an action plan to be carried out during the current year, for which we have managed to channel strategic partners who also seek to reach a vision similar to ours, among them we have Gal├ípagos today. Horse Friends and Darwin Animal Doctors.

The two Programs work to provide care and protection to introduced species, providing technical assistance to prevent their uncontrolled reproduction, thus allowing the endemic flora and fauna of the islands not to be affected or altered.

We consider these initiatives very honorable and enriching, where priority is given to a type of fauna little attended in the Galapagos Islands, which have been characterized over the years for designating most of their resources to endemic fauna.

But what do we know about introduced species? Does it affect your presence on the islands?

As persons and members of the 1835 COFFEE LAB project, we are happy and honored to be able to collaborate with Galápagos Horse Friends and Darwin Animal Doctors for the development of joint actions aimed at strengthening both institutions, not very well known, but essential for the protection of the ecosystem of Galapagos Islands and a non-endemic fauna that demands our help.


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