In the year of 1835, during a hot day, the young Charles Darwin arrived to a beautiful and heavenly place, surrounded by sea and full of incredible wildlife never seen before. In that paradise called Galapagos, a delicious cup of coffee was his inspiration to develop the species evolution theory.

In this place, due to its volcanic soil and microclimate, unique in the world, is possible the exceptional development of the coffee trees, and because of this, in Galapagos you can taste one of the most delicious and exotic coffees all over the world.

 In 1835 Coffee Lab, we take care of all the process to guarantee our coffee’s flavor, and to give a complete sensory experience to our customers.


To serve food and drinks focused mainly on specialty coffee. Standing out for our extraordinary quality, service and competitive price, applying values such as maximum professionalism and integrity, ecological-sustainable awareness and social responsibility; based on our experience and knowledge of the sector to continuously improve, providing comprehensive sensory experiences, which will be recorded in the memory of our consumers.


To become a coffee chain of worldwide reference, contributing and involving the local communities of each city and each country for the sustainable development of it, changing the world, one step at a time, through our passion for coffee.


Relationships generate integration. Integration promotes information sharing. Information sharing becomes learning. Learning transforms itself into knowledge. Knowledge is power. Power gives you influence. Influence provides you the opportunity to make new relationships.


Applying a socially and environmentally sustainable business model in Galapagos is Gino’s Sorrentino dream, an Italo-Ecuadorian entrepreneur with three high-level tourist developments on the islands. The idea of positively impacting the place where you live is part of it, but since this year it has renewed importance when you became a permanent resident of the Galapagos Islands.

Italo-Ecuadorian, came to Ecuador at the hand of his great love. Bartender, accountant, administrator of hotel and tourism companies in his native Napoles, always dreamed of living in South America; that’s why during his college years he worked in high seasons to raise money and travel to his favorite place.

The opportunity to prove the veracity of his theories about the evolution of maritime cruises let him to embark on the Caribbean and be part of restaurants awarded with two Michelin stars, the famous guide of excellence with more than a century of history. There he learned Spanish and felt in love at first sight with an Ecuadorian chef, with studies in Chile and international experience, with whom decided to look for a successful future in Ecuador.


Set the patterns in the quality of service, with quick acceptance proposals, is part of the enterprise identity that Cynthia Jouvin Lange has been able to stamp with success in Galápagos, having her gastronomic touch as an allied

In the year of 1999 arrived to Santa Cruz as an intern, while still studying in Chile, since the director of the gastronomy school recommended her with a relative in the islands, where she “enchanted” more than one palate.

After a short time she returned to Chile to graduate in the Technical Training Institute and became part of the culinary team of a five – star hotel, the “Crown Plaza”

A new labor challenge came with the call of Celebrity Cruise Line, in United States, to be part of the crew of the luxurious Millennium cruise, between the Mediterranean and the Caribbean