“We are creating a coffee culture in the Islands, through dissemination programs, based on sustainability and social responsibility, committing ourselves to the product and the entire value chain, with fair trade whit the producers and all the links in the chain.


Our quality Arabica coffees are grown at high altitudes and require rich soil, lots of rain and semi-shade for ideal growing conditions. These factors greatly influence the flavor and characteristics of the coffee.


The coffee cherries are carefully hand-picked due to the mountains terroir in which they grow. Once the coffee cherries are picked, they are sorted by hand or machine to make sure that only the ripest are going to be processed.


Fruit is processed in one of three ways, the dry method, wet method or honey method, according to what we want to serve to our customers.

Drying Out

The processed fruit is dries for almost two weeks, drying at approximately 10-12% moisture.


When temperature reach around 200 degrees centigrade, the beans begin to roast, giving them a brown color and releasing the flavor and aroma. Beans are kept moving through the whole process to ensure they don’t burn.


We roast small quantities of beans, grind them down and infuse in carefully controlled boiling water, to taste the aroma and test for different beans in the same and different roasts.


A journey from the birth of a coffee bean to your cup.