Coffee Culture in the Streets

In the process of increasing the tourist walk along the main avenue of this picturesque town of the Galapagos Islands we have joined more establishments, contributing with a cultural educational initiative sharing our knowledge of coffee and sustainability through strategic talks on coffee, processes, benefits and good sustainable practices, in order to involve the community in sustainable coffee growing and motivating the consumption of local products.

It is worth mentioning that these micro events are being held on Fridays from 7:00 p.m., you can walk along a pedestrian street, where you will find numerous events that reflect the culture, tradition and gastronomy of the enchanted islands.

If you are in Puerto Ayora, whether you are visiting or living here, we are sure that the aroma of coffee of 1835 will not go unnoticed, in each cup we share our experience, knowledge and above all the passion that motivates us to make your visit an experience very gratifying, live the emotion that each sip of coffee causes in our different elaborations.

We are sure that you will fall in love.

We wait for you every Friday to share knowledge, experiences, sustainability and coffee culture all this of course with the unbeatable taste of the best coffee of Galapagos 1835.

Because we not only serve coffee, we invite you to live a complete experience.


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