What Do You Know About Sustainability?

The concept of quality is fundamental in the philosophy of our company, since it is precisely the continuous search of it  that sets in motion a virtuous circle that creates value for all the interlocutors involved, from the coffee grower to the consumer of the cup.

Quality and sustainability are for the company an inseparable binomial: an excellent product to be; can only be sustainable. Sustainability is understood in its triple meaning: economic, social and environmental.

Economic sustainability is pursued through the creation of value for all the interlocutors, from the growers to the final consumer.

Social sustainability is based on the concept of individual growth and self-realization.

In addition, environmental sustainability is based on planet respect, for example through the use of recyclable packaging and low impact practices.

Source: http://www.illy.com/wps/wcm/connect/es/empresa/calidad-sostenibilidad-illycaffe

Sustainable development for ‘1835 COFFEE LAB’ is translated into a continuous balance between improvement and innovation, on the one hand, and responsibility towards people and the environment, on the other: a middle ground between the current and legitimate perform of modernity and the possibilities for those who will come, to have at least the same opportunities as us.

Ecosystem protection is for us an integral part of the search for sustainable excellence. In addition to promoting and developing environmentally friendly cultivation practices in the plantations, the company strives to reduce the impact on the ecosystem of the entire production process.