Charles Darwin Foundation & 1835 COFFEE LAB

Commitment to the environment and protection of the Galápagos ecosystem.


1835 COFFEE LAB achieves its first commitment to the environment and the protection of the Galápagos islands.


In the difficult task of preserving the environment and the fragile ecosystems of the Galapagos through responsible and respectful practices with the natural environment, from October 15 of this year, 1835 COFFEE LAB will support the Charles Darwin Scientific Foundation in the various projects of research for the conservation of the ecosystems that it develops, through an annual economic donation, which will be collected directly from sales of the coffee originating in the Galapagos Islands.

We are excited, that just a few months after the birth of 1835 COFFEE LAB we have reached this important goal, supporting the Charles Darwin Scientific Foundation in its research and complementary actions for the conservation of Galapagos habitat.

We believe that being an active member in the search and implementation of sustainable practices in Galapagos, is and will remain in the future as a basic pillar of the company, therefore we will continue to promote our own initiatives and cooperation agreements with all those institutions that promote good environmental, social and / or fair and equitable economic distribution practices.