Passion for the challenges of life. 1835 COFFEE LAB.

Facing new challenges to evolve is the way to do things and meet your goals. For months we have realized the damage that can be caused and the great unfortunate impact on our lifestyle, created the problem and now it is time to create the solution.

As a team, 1835 COFFEE LABis now much more than a specialty cafeteria.

We have decided to face any difficult moment with the best tools we have; Passion, perseverance, love and great enthusiasm for what we do. We decided to learn and transmit the message that you only live once and whatever it takes, we will always fight for what makes us happy, keeping in mind that life will be full of challenges and if we do not assume and overcome them we will be mired in constant failure.

Everything that comes out of your comfort zone is not only a challenge but an added effort that you are not always willing to accept. We choose to accept, perhaps unexpectedly or when we were not yet prepared for a change, we did and we are working on it, not only for ourselves, but also for the common welfare of all. The well-being of our community must be part of the added changes, face the challenges together with love, passion with a holistic vision for the future, there is a world of possibilities to explore and that we want to transmit and share, create a mutual reason, understand that overcoming has no limits or impossible adversities.

We work with coffee and the passion with which we do it has made us understand that coffee is part of life itself, of the first steps, of the family environment, it brings hidden evocations, it awakens sacred routes of memory, it enlivens a brazier that perhaps it was believed off, in short: It is a source that is worth fighting for, and one of the first steps is to commit ourselves to the community and the environment where we practice our profession, work together with them to grow and form a team with values and principles according to our local need, to make each hand count and that in these moments together we will be stronger. Everything is possible, as long as you really believe in it.


Menu re-engineering and good practice to strengthen the well-being of the community.

The experience lived during this pandemic has opened our eyes, once again, we have understood that the most valuable thing for us is the community and that we need to reinforce the commitment acquired with our community when the 1835 COFFEE LAB dream began.

The creation of a new menu that has as a priority the inclusion of all local ventures derived from the pandemic is definitely a possible and necessary reality.

The consumption of Galápagos products will be our priority to contribute in a practical and effective way to the well-being of the local population and to the development of ecotourism that we dream of so much.

We are strongly convinced that it is the right time for the entire community to begin to question the very foundations of life in common and that we can inspire and promote a change that generates a new model of social development.

Thanks to the pandemic, new local ventures have taken shape and a new way of coexisting has flourished in Santa Cruz.

It is a special moment for us and the entire Galapaque community that faces this difficult situation with great unity, strength, courage and proactive initiatives.

Tourism is key to the local economy and the situation may get more complicated for our community, but the new and creative union encourages us to do it together.

We are waiting for you at 1835 COFFEE LAB where sharing, awakening feeling, rebirth is our new approach.