Did you know?

In the year of 1835, during a hot day, the Young Charles Darwin arrived to a beautiful and heavenly place, surrounded by sea and full of incredible wildlife never seen before. In that Paradise called Galapagos, a delicious cup of coffee was his inspiration to develop the species evolution theory.

In this place, due to its volcanic soil and micro climate, unique in the world, is possible the exceptional development of the coffee trees, and because of this, in Galapagos you can taste one of the most delicious and exotic coffees all over the world. In 1835 Coffee Lab, we take care of all the process to guarantee our coffee’s flavor, and to give a complete sensory experience to our customers.

What is 1835 COFFEE LAB?

It’s a Specialty Coffee Shops Chain with a sustainable vision, 100% focused in coffee and all the things around it, using as our star the Galapagos Coffees, and from other Ecuador’s origins. As an environment responsible Company, we’re creating an atmosphere in which everyone get touched with the care of the planet, because of that it’s built with recycled elements, involving our customers with the concept, so they’ll always want to return. Also we’ve the goal of increase the coffee culture in the islands, with sustainability and social responsibility programs, committed with the product and all the supply chain, with fair trade to the farmers and respecting all the coffee value chain.

1835 COFFEE LAB is the result of a dedicated process in which we’ve the part of every link of the coffee value chain, including farmers, sensory analysts, professional roasters, graders and specialized baristas. It’s the fruit of years of dedication, knowledge and experience in the coffee world, and it goes much more far tan it looks. We want you to be part of this amazing sensory experience, sharing with us, a diverse and balanced range of flavors, that will last in your palate and memory forever.

Welcome to the Lab in the Enchanted Islands…!!!


Brief introduction about coffee and its presence in Ecuador…

Coffee is one of the most consumed stimulant drinks in the world, although there are countries that have not developed habits in their consumption, the infusion that delights for its smell and flavor.

America because of the geographical and climatic characteristics has all the conditions to cultivate coffee especially with the varieties Arabica (Coffea arabica) and robusta (Coffea canephora), as well as varieties Caturra, Bourbon, Typica, Gesha, among others. In Latin America, the coffee zones of Brazil, Colombia, Mexico, Peru, Bolivia, Ecuador, Central America, Costa Rica, Panama, Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador and the Caribbean, Cuba.

Ecuador is a country of the Latin American which produces, and almost exclusively, coffee of the Arabica species, being one of the largest exporters in the world of this variety. The surface assigned to the agricultural field is almost 30% of the country extending the cultivation of coffee by the east coast and the north of the country. From there, the government launched an Agro Action Plan, in the period 2003-2015; with the purpose of promoting the agricultural sector. (Susaeta, 2008)