Become our Ally and you will have an exceptional coffee with a very competitive price.
You will also be part of the evolution of coffee.


It is a pleasure for 1835 COFFEE LAB to put at your disposal a variety of high quality products and services around sustainable, responsible and professional coffee management.

1835 COFFEE LAB has set itself the goal of increasing the coffee culture in the Islands through dissemination programs based on sustainability and social responsibility, committing ourselves to the product and the entire value chain, with fair treatment for producers and all the links of the chain.

We want you and your company to become co-protagonists of a Wonderful Sensory Experience, by giving your customers a diverse and balanced range of flavors and aromas, accompanied by a balanced body and a residual taste that stays on the palate and in the mouth. memory of consumers.

We know that together we can optimize resources, care for the environment, be responsible with our society and of course, extract the maximum flavor and aroma of each coffee bean, for the total satisfaction of its customers.

Since its foundation in 2017, the work objective of 1835 COFFEE LAB has been the promotion and dissemination of coffee culture in the Galapagos Islands and Ecuador; that is why we offer various resources that will contribute to the improvement and optimization of the coffee to be served in your establishment.


  • Technical Assistance for the improvement of coffee extraction processes in their establishments (including calibration of machines, coffee vs. water ratio, extraction of espressos, milk texturing and filtered coffee)
  • Technical Assistance on your current coffee menu.
  • Tastings and demonstrations by extraction methods in hotels, restaurants and on board.
  • Coffee in specific presentations according to your requirements and in benefit of your establishment Presence in our networks and media as contributors to sustainability and the dissemination of the coffee culture in the Islands.
  • Guaranteed happiness